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12 Easy Steps to Closing an Above Ground Pool

1) The very first step in closing a pool is to make sure that the water is completely balanced. Chlorine preferably 3.0, PH 7.4-7.8, Alkalinity 120ppm-150ppm. Ifyou are not sure about these balances, you can take your water to either one of our locations and we will be more than happy to help in this […]

How would you Open an Above-ground Pool?

Remove debris and pump water off winter cover Remove winter cover, clean, and store for the season Connect all hoses ​Long hose from skimmer (box on the side of pool) to front of pump housing Short hose from pump (located between the strainer housing and pump motor) to filter valve. (Your filter valve should have […]

Is there a Pool Fence That Requires No Holes in the deck?

The “No Holes” Pool Fence is perfect where the landlord will not allow holes into the deck, the need is only temporary and you don’t want the holes, or you simply cannot stand the thought of holes in your beautiful deck. Here’s how it works: First lay out and connect the high-density polyethylene bases securely; […]