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Why should I dial 811 before I begin digging my pool?

Don’t gamble with your safety — if you’re a professional excavator or a homeowner, smart digging always requires a call to 811. Knowing where underground utility lines are buried before you dig will help protect you from injury and prevent damages to utilities, service disruptions and potential fines and repair costs. Whether you’re planting a […]

What would my annual savings be if I select a variable speed pump?

Depending upon utility rates, pool characteristics, and equipment selected, your savings can be significant. It is possible to recoup the premium cost of an upgrade from standard equipment to energy efficient equipment in the first year of operation. For example, a system featuring an energy efficient high performance pump, LED Lighting, and an induced draft […]

Where can I purchase an Above-ground Pool?

Some pool builders sell and install above ground pools as well as inground pools, however, above ground pools can typically be purchased from a professional pool retailer in your area. Your above ground pool retailer can also provide professional installation for the pool or guide you through the installation process and will be able to […]

Does chlorine prevent all recreational water illnesses?

Chlorine in swimming pools kills the germs that may make people sick, but it takes time. Chlorine in properly disinfected pools kills most germs that cause RWIs within minutes. However, it takes longer to kill some germs such as Cryptosporidium that can survive for days in even a properly disinfected pool. Also, many things can […]

What is a VGB Drain Cover and why should my pool have one?

The Virginia Graeme Baker Pool & Spa Safety Act (P&SS Act) takes its name from Virginia Graeme Baker, a young girl who drowned after she was trapped under water by the powerful suction from a hot tub drain. A twin and the youngest of five, 7-year-old Graeme, as her family called her, was the daughter […]

When is the best time to Open a pool?

Most people begin to open their pool in the middle of April to the end of May. By May 31st, most everyone’s pool is open to take advantage of Memorial Day holiday weekend. I would suggest that if you have a mesh cover on your pool, open it in Early April to avoid the chance […]