What is the difference between the chemicals that a professional pool supply store sells compared to a big box retailer?

A big box retailer will not stock the variety of chemicals that a professional pool supply store can provide. You may be able to choose from several different brands at a professional pool supply store. Also, most of the highest quality brands can only be found through authorized dealers and NOT in a mass merchant.
Unlike the big box retailer, the pool store will be able to test your water (this is usually a free service) and recommend solutions for possible problems with clarity. If you build a relationship with the staff at a pool store, they will help you to have a clear and safe pool for your family.

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12 Easy Steps to Closing an Above Ground Pool

1) The very first step in closing a pool is to make sure that the water is completely
balanced. Chlorine preferably 3.0, PH 7.4-7.8, Alkalinity 120ppm-150ppm. Ifyou are not sure about these balances, you can take your water to either one of our
locations and we will be more than happy to help in this process. Ammonia has been a
huge issue along with Mustard Algae and Pink Slime/Mold. If you have had any one of
these issues with your pool please take extra precautions when closing your pool.
2) The next step would be to remove all debris from pool. The easiest way to complete
this process would be to vacuum your pool to waste. This allows for easy removal of all debris but also lowers the water level, thus preparing it for winterization. Now would be a good time to remove ladder or walk-in-stairs so the pool can be swept
3) After the water level has been reduced below the return your filtration system should now be off and ready for winterization.
4) You can now remove all your connecting hoses, baskets from pump and skimmer,
pressure gauge, sight glass, and drain cap from bottom of filter (please do not put
back on filter. Place it with all the other items that have been removed for winter storage). Water will continue to drain from filter until empty.
5) If you choose to move pump and filter indoors for winter this is ok….you may have to remove the sand from filter due to the weight of the wet sand. Whether the pump is taken
indoors or left out, all water must be removed from the strainer housing. If left outdoors you can add pool antifreeze directly into strainer housing for protection. If you have an automatic chlorinator you can also use pool antifreeze there too.
6) If you have not added your closing chemicals to your pool now would be a good time. Follow closing kit instructions. (If using copper algaecide please circulate 24-48 hrs. prior to closing.)
7) If you are not using an air pillow please skip to step 9.
8) Now when using an air pillow please position pillow in center of pool. Use a rope to tie down
the pillow in a stationary position.
9) Last major step…..place cover on pool. Run cable through eyelets pulling cover over top rails.
Use the winch to tighten the cover down. (When cover reaches 3 to 4 inches of excess water on top it is time to remove it by pumping it off.)
10) Make sure if you have a cartridge filter that you thoroughly clean it/dry it before placing it into winter storage.
11) If you have a chlorine generator (salt) please make sure cell has been cleaned thus preparing
it for next pool season.
12) Have a wonderful winter and we will see you in the spring!

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