The first step in changing the sand is to create a checklist of the things you’ll need.

Pool filter sand (check your filter’s manual for how much sand you’ll need or ask your Pool Professional)
A screwdriver
A shop vac
Duct tape

Next, make sure there is no water going to your filter and remove the drain plug from your tank. It may take some time for your filter to completely drain, depending on the size of your tank. Filters with the multiport valve mounted on top will generally require disconnecting the plumbing running to the valve.

The third step in changing your sand is to remove the old sand

To remove the old sand from your swimming pool filter, you will need to open the filter:
Filters with the multiport valve mounted on top will generally require disconnecting the plumbing running to the valve.
If you do not have unions on these pipes, you will need to cut them to remove the multiport valve (this would be a good time to install unions on these lines to facilitate future service on your filter).
Filters with the multiport valve mounted to the side will have either a small top which can be removed or a tank which is bolted/clamped in the middle that can be taken apart.
If your filter is a two-piece tank which is bolted/clamped in the middle:
Pull the drain plug first to allow the water to drain before pulling the tank apart.
Once you have pulled it apart, it is an easy matter to dig out the sand.
If your filter is not the two-piece type but has the small opening at the top from either the multiport valve or cover, there is a simple way to remove the sand.
The easiest way is to use a shop vac to remove the sand.

If you have a top mounted multiport valve, there will be a stand pipe directly in the center of the opening. Do not try to push or pull this out of the way. Tape the stand up pipe with duct tape to keep the sand from getting down the pipe. Remove the tape after the new sand is in the tank.
Shop vac the old sand out.
If your valve is side-mounted, you will have an overdrain which fills the opening at the top. This overdrain is removable and, most of the time, simply lifts out.
Now shop vac the old sand out.
Once you have removed all the sand you will want to clean and examine the laterals thoroughly.

Now you are ready to replace the sand.

First, replace the drain cap.
Then add water until the tank is half-full. This will cushion the laterals when you put the new sand in.
After adding each bag of sand, reach in and level out the sand bed. Remove the duct tape.
You will need to add as much sand as the manufacturer indicates on the label on the tank. If the label is gone, consult your swimming pool professional.
After you have added the proper amount of sand, you will need to reassemble the filter tank and/or multiport valve.
It is very important that you start the system in backwash mode. This will flush out the dust from the sand and also allow the sand to settle completely around the laterals after backwashing. Run the system on rinse for about 30 seconds.

Now, you’re ready to turn the multiport valve to filter. Congratulations. You’ve made your filter much more efficient. Enjoy your Summer.

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