Remove debris and pump water off winter cover
Remove winter cover, clean, and store for the season
Connect all hoses
​Long hose from skimmer (box on the side of pool) to front of pump housing
Short hose from pump (located between the strainer housing and pump motor) to filter valve. (Your filter valve should have markings that state which hoses connect to each opening)
Long hose from filter valve to return (jet coming back into the pool)
Attach backwash (waste) hose to filter valve head. (We typically use a blue vinyl flat hose)
Replace plugs
​Attach the drain plug to the bottom of the sand filter
​Attach the site glass to valve head (This may not have been removed)
​Attach the pressure gauge to valve head (This may not have been removed)
Fill pool to appropriate level
Turn filter valve handle to backwash and turn power on. (This helps your pump catch prime, you will lose some water, and this will help you identify any hose clamps that may need tightening.)
Turn pool off, turn valve handle to rinse, and turn filter back on. Rinse for 30-45 seconds
Turn pool off, turn valve handle to filter. Operate as you normally would. Be sure to check for any leaks.
Add Shock and Algaecide to pool water and let circulate. Begin using Chlorine tablets as your normally would.
Be sure to bring a water sample to your Pool Professional 2-7 days after opening to ensure proper water balance.

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