Chlorine can be produced on-site by utilizing a mixture of sodium chloride salt and water.
Electricity is passed through the salt solution and chlorine gas is produced. Permanent,
specially treated and fabricated rare-metal electrodes are used to supply the electrical
energy to the solution. There are two basic styles or types of chlorine generations systems. The first, called “in-line,” produces chlorine utilizing salt that is dissolved in the pool or spa water. The second, called “brine method,” uses and off-line system to produce chlorine from a solution of salt and distilled water.

In-Line Generation: In-line system require salt to be added to the pool or spa water. The circulation system passes the salt water through a device that contains electrochemical cells. These cells convert the sodium chloride into free chlorine.

When using Chlorine Generation (salt) always purchase the highest grade of salt available.
Salt has a tendency to increase TDS (Total Dissolved Solids) The higher the grade of salt
the less TDS levels. Check with your local pool dealer for higher grades of salt.

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