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Saratoga is redefining hydrotherapy. Designed for both comfort and performance, this unique design is a true balance between Direct Impact Therapy™, Versa-Fl™ and Passive Impact Therapy™, CF™ jetting.
We offer both Adirondack and Luxury Series along with all of Saratoga's options such as LED color splash, DVD system, Confer spa steps, and several others.


Imperial Pools of Madison offers more than 52 QCA models with a wide variety of features ranging from 131 action jets, hydrotherapy seats, and mood lighting that can all be controlled by the touch of a button.


Handcrafted with the finest grade aspen hardwood, TheraSauna gives the look of fine furniture. Their infrared heating units are made of 100% high glass content ceramic, giving the most beneficial range of infrared for the body.
Imperial Pools of Madison offers a range in sizes from 48x45x74 to 76x54x74.

Castle Spa Covers

With materials ensuring that each spa cover is constructed of high grade, inspected components, Castle Spa Covers are tough and durable. Treated with a special stabilizer, these covers keep their vibrant colors even when exposed to ultraviolet rays.
Imperial Pools of Madison offers several differnt sizes, shapes, and colors. The Heavy-duty 45 nylon zipper chain and aluminum pulls along with the tough and resilient, 100% polyester backing,and mildew treated face and back, we can guarentee you will be happy with your Castle Spa Cover.